Isabella-LeroyIsabella Lerøy Born during a winter blizzard in November 1982, Isabella Lerøy endured a restless childhood in spite of the fact that her father was a priest and her mother a teacher. She travelled back and forth from east to western Norway, from mother to father, from Norway to Sweden to New York City and back again. New friends. New influences.

In the midst of all the chaos, she discovered music, wich would become her only true point of reference, providing solid enough ground on which to stand and reflect life’s possibilities. Isabella possesses the unique ability to create music, which defies language barriers, religious ideas and differing enviroments. Her music has always been her very own no matter where in the world she roams. An unafraid and vulnerable artist, she illuminates the contrasts and exposes lifes inconsistencies which surrounds us all where ever we are..

Come along and immerse yourself in the charismatic world of charming young Isabella! She entered the second pre-selection of Melodi grand prix 2011 for Eurovision song contest but failed and didn`t go to the final with her song “Sand”.